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Established in 1970 by Tricia Guild, Designers Guild designs and wholesales furnishing fabrics, wallcoverings, upholstery and bed and bath collections worldwide.

The company is headed and owned by brother and sister, Tricia Guild, Founder and Creative Director, and Simon Jeffreys, Group Chief Executive. The Designers Guild business philosophy is to combine creativity and innovation with the highest levels of quality: quality of design, product, service and people.

“We believe in quality of design, product and service combined with a committed and motivated team”

Timeline by Decade



Robin and Tricia Guild acquire David Bishop, the London interior company specialising in imported Indian block-printed cottons, with an investment of £42,000

The design of the Village collection begins and hand screen printing is arranged with Hull Traders, a Lancashire-based specialist in short-run production


The Designers Guild (DG) store at 277 King’s Road opens in November. The Village collection is showcased within fully furnished settings


DG products feature on the front of the Design Council magazine, Design (vol. 300)

DG feature on front cover of Design Council Magazine


DG features in the June issue of Design


First Kaffe Fassett collection

Hand screen printing is briefly carried out on Platt’s Eyot, an island in the River Thames, while rotary printing takes place at Standfast in Lancaster, England

DG participates at the Biennale des Editeurs de la Décoration in Paris, and continues to do so until about 1990


The more costly galvano printing screens begin to be used

First Lillian Delevoryas collection

Second Kaffe Fassett collection


A network of distributors and agents across Europe develops; the first of these is Belgium, closely followed by France


Second Lillian Delevoryas collection



Ceramics by Carol McNicoll and Janice Tchalenko are on sale at DG

Tricia Guild’s first book is published: Soft Furnishings

DG now has stockists in Australia, Bermuda, Canada, the Channel Islands, Eire, Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States and South Africa


The Bill Jacklin Anemone collection is launched

George Davies, who opened Next fashion shops in 1982 and was appointed by Sir Terence Conran as chairman of Hepworth’s, approaches Tricia to extend his total-concept look into interiors with her coordinated textiles, wallpapers and furnishings

An in-house design studio is established at DG


Next Interiors launches a nationwide chain of 35 shops, with all the products developed by Tricia Guild and associates, including ceramics by Janice Tchalenko; Tricia soon replaces Laura Ashley as the high priestess of style and taste for the 1980s


Tricia Guild’s brother Simon Jeffreys, from the corporate finance division of international accountants Coopers and Lybrand (later PwC), joins DG in partnership with Tricia as Chief Executive

Tricia Guild & Simon Jeffreys

Three Howard Hodgkin designs are released as costly limited-edition productions by Heberlein, the Swiss printer known for its high quality

Tricia Guild’s second book is published: Designing with Flowers

The Janice Tchalenko Waterleaf collection is released


Tricia Guild joins the selection committee for the Crafts Council's Craft Fair


Tricia Guild’s third book is published: Design and Detail


The first of DG’s own overseas offices opens in Munich, where the sales team covers Austria and Switzerland as well as Germany. The first Designers Guild Kid’s collectionis launched

Tricia Guild is awarded the Textile Institute Gold Medal for her outstanding contribution to international textiles

Tricia Guild’s fourth book is published: Design a Garden



Tricia Guild’s fifth book is published: Tricia Guild’s New Soft Furnishings


DG is awarded The Queen’s Award for Export Achievement

DG’s first trimmings collection is launched


DG receives The Export Award for Smaller Businesses

DG's first upholstery collection is launched

Tricia Guild's sixth book is published: Tricia Guild on Colour

The Michael Heindorff Still Life collection is launched

DG begins showing at the interiors trade show, Maison & Objet, in Paris


Tricia Guild receives an Honorary Fellowship from the Royal College of Art, London, as well as an Honorary Master of Arts Degree from Winchester School of Art, UK

A new Head Office in Olaf Street, London, and an office and showroom in Paris are opened

Tricia Guild Honorary Masters Degree Winchester


DG wins The European Community Design prize

Tricia Guild’s seventh book is published: Tricia Guild’s Painted Country in 11 languages


The Designers Guild Bed & Bath Division is launched and awarded ‘Excellence de la Maison’ for bed linen by Marie Claire Maison magazine, France


DG is awarded The Queen’s Award for Export Achievement

The Centre for DG Distribution (responsible for importing, and run for a time by Tricia’s daughter, Lisa) opens in west London; the King’s Road showroom expands; the licensing division grows and includes paints as well as existing designs such as those by Isabelle de Borchgrave of 1989–93

Tricia Guild's eighth book is published: Tricia Guild in Town in 11 languages


DG is awarded The Home Tex Design Award, USA

DG’s Milan office opens; the table linen collection is launched; turnover is now nearing £30 million


Tricia Guild’s ninth book is published: Cut Flowers in 9 languages

The William Yeoward brand is added to DG’s portfolio


Tricia Guild is awarded an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Technology from Loughborough University, UK

Tricia Guild’s tenth book is published: White Hot in 9 languages

Designers Guild becomes the exclusive licensee for Ralph Lauren Fabric and Wallpaper throughout Europe and the Middle East



DG is ranked as one of the top three most recognised brands across Europe


Tricia Guild’s eleventh book is published: Think Pink in 8 languages

DG receives the Elle Decoration International Design Award for Best Fabric, Italy


DG is awarded Elle Decoration (USA) Best Wallpaper

DG moves to brand-new purpose-built headquarters in London, W10


Tricia Guild’s twelfth book is published: Private View in 8 languages

The DG Rug collection and Fragrant Home (scents) collection are launched


The Designers Guild Essentials Division is created

Tricia Guild’s thirteenth book is published: Pattern in 8 languages


Tricia Guild receives the Homes & Gardens Classic Design Award – Lifetime Achievement Award

A Royal Collection license is granted for the production and distribution worldwide on behalf of the British Royal Household. The Paris showroom expands. A new collection of DG Furniture is launched


The Royal Collection of fabrics and wallcoverings is launched; collaboration on macaron box designs with Ladurée Paris; the DG online shop is launched

Tricia Guild is awarded an OBE from the Queen for ‘Services to Interior Design’

Tricia Guild OBE

DG is awarded 22nd place among Britain’s fastest-growing privately owned firms in the Sunday Times PricewaterhouseCoopers Profit Track 100, and the Microsoft prize for best use of technology

The new DG Munich showroom opens; a new UK website and online bed and bath shop are launched

Tricia Guild’s fourteenth book is published: Flowers in 6 languages


DG is placed for the second year running in the PricewaterhouseCoopers Profit Track 100

Designers Guild Inc. is launched to handle the bed, bath and accessory division in the USA, with a new US online store

DG’s ‘Portier’ wallpaper is awarded ‘Best Wallpaper’ by the Homes & Gardens Fabric Awards, UK



DG is named ‘Best British Brand’ by Elle Decoration, UK

Tricia Guild’s fifteenth book is published: A Certain Style in 7 languages

In April the first DG Homestore outside of the King’s Road opens on Marylebone High Street, London

DG begins designing for digital printing


DG is voted ‘Best British Brand’ for the second consecutive year by readers of Elle Decoration, UK

Christian Lacroix Maison under license to DG is launched; four designs three re-releases from 1986) plus accessories by Howard Hodgkin are launched


The Christian Lacroix ‘Vuelta’ design from the Arles collection is awarded ‘Best Fabric’ at the Elle Decoration International Design Awards

Designers Guild for the Table is launched


DG’s ‘Savine’ wallpaper is awarded ‘Best Wallpaper’ by the Homes & Gardens Fabric Awards, UK

Tricia Guild’s sixteenth book is published in nine languages: Colour Deconstructed. In 8 languages

DG’s blog is launched, along with its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts


Tricia Guild is placed first in the Telegraph’s July list of Britain’s most famous female interior designers

A new logistics/distribution centre opens in West London; the DG website is upgraded; a new paint range with 154 colours is launched. DG exhibits for the first time at Design Junction, London

Coronation Road


Tricia Guild’s seventeenth book is published: Paint Box in 6 languages

The Italian mosaic tile brand Bisazza interprets DG designs


DG’s online stores are launched, including those serving France, Spain and the USA


A new DG showroom opens in the heart of the Paris Design District


John Derian by Designers Guild is introduced


Tricia Guild’s nineteenth book is published: In My View

Tricia Guild & Simon Jeffreys 2019



DG ranges include nearly 9,000 fabrics alone; turnover is over £50 million. DG’s fiftieth anniversary is celebrated with the publication of Out of the Blue and an exhibition of the same name at the Fashion and Textile Museum, London

Tricia Guild & Simon Jeffreys 2019

Artistry, creativity and innovation is at the heart of the creative process at Designers Guild and shaped by the guiding principle of lifestyle that continues to drive the business today. Each design starts its life with a seed of an idea or point of inspiration and often planted by Guild herself and always with an artist’s brush or pencil. Derived from such diverse sources as Eastern decorative art, Italian architecture, flowers and nature to classical documents.

The designers collate ideas and paint and sketch, experiment and trial - working through ideas and themes to create a body of work that Guild steers, guides and ultimately edits in to a collection. The creative process can take up to two years from start to finish and at each step, Guild will nudge and nurture and edit - moulding the artwork into styles and looks that will eventually go on to market and create notable trends. Armed with the edited designs, she works closely with the development team – identifying the best weavers, printers and manufacturers to translate the designs into various products. Since the early days of hand screen printing, the company now employ a variety of techniques and methods to achieve their aims – from rotary Galvano printing to state of the art digital printing. This method enables greater freedom of design and is so true to the original artwork that it has become something of the company’s trademark.

The Designers Guild range currently has nearly 9,000 fabrics and 2,000 wallpapers including printed floral and geometric fabrics; plains, checks and stripes, jacquards, tapestries, silks, velvets, trimmin. The highest qualities of cloth are sourced; from combed Egyptian cottons and Scottish linen unions to Swiss woven damasks. Printers and engravers use state of the art technology and strict quality control systems are applied both in-house and at our suppliers.

The Creative Process

Fabric & Wallpaper

In 2008 Designers Guild launched a new brand The Royal Collection of Fabrics and Wallcoverings, on behalf of the Royal Household, which is a series of collections inspired by the interiors of the Royal residences, including Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle and the first licensing agreement of its kind. A second collection was launched in September 2009 including a brand new collection of tie–backs and trimmings and a third collection followed in 2010 Campanula.

In 2001 the company substantially increased its fabric and wallpaper division to incorporate William Yeoward Fabric followed by wallpaper in 2002 and continues to launch regular collections under this brand.

In 2011 Designers Guild launched the first collection for the iconic international luxury brand Christian Lacroix under license to Designers Guild – Arles prints and weaves and accessories went live at Maison et Objet in Paris January 2011

In 2018 a collaboration was announced between the American decoupage artist John Derian and Designers Guild and a collection of fabrics and later wallpapers as well as throws and accessories are now part of the company’s offer.

Designers Guild is also the exclusive distributor in Europe of Ralph Lauren Fabrics and wallcoverings.


An exclusive range of contemporary upholstered furniture designed in the Designers Guild studio. The pieces include a wide range of sofas and chairs, daybeds and modular units as well as stools and ottomans in a variety of styles and are manufactured to the highest standards in the UK and Italy and distributed throughout Europe and in many of our overseas markets. Every single piece of Designers Guild furniture has been carefully considered and designed to combine timeless style with extreme comfort and outstanding quality.

Home Accessories

Designers Guild offers an ever expanding collection of rugs, cushions, blankets, throws, quilts, towels, bags and home fragrance with every collection launch, offering superb quality, beautiful design and the very best materials with an extensive colour palette.

Bed and Bath

The Designers Guild Bed and Bath range of printed, woven, embroidered and appliqued bedlinen is made from finest 100% pure cotton and is complemented by a range of pure cotton towels, wool and cotton blankets and quilts. This division was launched in January 1995 and products are available through leading stores and retailers and through the online shop.

The Designers Guild Group employs over 280 people in the UK and has overseas offices and showrooms in New York, Paris, Stockholm and Paris. The company operates from a 16000 sqft purpose built Head Office and an a 80,000 sq ft state of the art Warehouse and distribution centre both in West London with Flagship stores in King’s Road and Marylebone High Street The management of the Company flows from a corporate strategy, using planning, communication and information management systems. The Designers Guild philosophy includes equity participation and communication at all levels of the Group and the Company enjoys tremendous commitment and loyalty from its staff, who are aware and kept informed of strategic developments and performance. The highest levels of quality and service are continually strived for and achieved.

All sales networks are supported by a fully computerised customer service facility and B2B website which handles over 1000 orders, deals with queries and provides full technical information.Linked to this are stock control and purchasing systems which process over 2 million metres of fabric and wallpaper a year. Rapid deliveries are guaranteed through a network of couriers and orders can be despatched anywhere in the UK, Europe and worldwide within 24 hour Turnover has grown rapidly over the past 20 years to over £55 million selling to interior designers, department stores, retailers and the hotel and contract market.The single largest market is the UK. Sales overseas are through local Designers Guild operating centres in France, Germany , Sweden and Italy and agents & distributors in the rest of Europe and world–wide. Of total sales, over 60% is overseas, with Designers Guild represented in over 70 countries.

Designers Guild: Ghirlanda Fabrics & Moselle Lino Fabrics.
Designers Guild Essentials: Cadenza Fabrics, Tortona Fabrics & Fontana Fabrics.
Christian Lacroix Maison: Pêle-Mêle Fabrics & Pêle-Mêle Wallpaper.
William Yeoward: Khotan Fabrics & Malatya Fabrics.

Designers Guild: Ikebana Fabrics, Shiwa Fabrics, Sakiori Fabrics & Ikabana Wallpapers.
Designers Guild Essentials: Pampas Fabrics, Mirissa II Fabrics, Cavazzo Fabrics, Mezan Fabrics & Bourdon Fabrics.
Christian Lacroix Maison: Lacroix Stravaganza Fabrics & Lacroix Stavaganza Wallpapers.
William Yeoward: Penthorpe Fabrics & Cuzcita Outdoor Fabrics.
Ralph Lauren: Linen Library Fabrics & Coastal Papers.

Designers Guild: Cartouche Fabrics, Fleurs D'Artistes Fabrics & Scenes & Murals III Wallpapers.
Designers Guild Essentials: Torrington Fabrics, Parledo Fabrics, Montague Fabrics, Matara IV Fabrics & Mezzola Moda Fabrics.
John Derian: Picture Book III Fabrics & Picture Book II Wallpapers.
Ralph Lauren: Salon Boheme Fabrics, Park Row Fabrics & Modern Grassweave Wallpapers.

Designers Guild: Porcelaine de Chine Fabrics, Porcelaine de Chine Wallpapers, Brera Strato Weaves.
Designers Guild Essentials: Cassia Cord Fabrics, Monteviso Fabrics, Watkin Tweeds Fabrics, Matara III Fabrics
Christian Lacroix Maison: Utopia Fabrics & Wallpapers
William Yeoward: Banjara Fabrics & Almacan Fabrics
Ralph Lauren: Signature Papers IV

Designers Guild: Tapestry Flower Prints & Panels, Haldon Fabrics, Calozzo Stripes Fabrics.
Designers Guild Essentials: Loden Fabris, Azuara Fabrics.
English Heritage By Designers Guild: Heritage Prints, Heritage Wallpaper.

Designers Guild: Minakari Fabrics, Monserrate Fabrics, Moselle Lana Fabrics, Minakari Wallpapers.
Designers Guild Essentials: Oakworth, Cameri Arona, Chaviere
William Yeoward: Palenque Fabrics, Library IV Fabrics
Ralph Lauren: Trading Post II Fabrics

Designers Guild: Madhya Fabrics, Chennai Fabrics, Scenes & Murals II Wallpaper

Designers Guild: Grandiflora Fabrics, Manipur Fabrics, Eriska Fabrics, Chinon Textured Wallpaper
Designers Guild Essentials: Tarazona, Corda, Chambery
Christian Lacroix Maison: L'odyssée Prints, Weaves & Wallpapers
Ralph Lauren: Signature St Jean Outdoor Fabrics

A capsule collection of paint 'Earth Tones' launches with 28 new shades

Out of the Blue: Fifty Years of Designers Guild exhibition opens at the Fashion and Textile Museum

Out of the Blue: Fifty Years of Designers Guild book launches

Designers Guild: Veronese Fabrics, Palladio Fabrics, Palme Botanique Outdoor Fabrics, Fortezza FR Fabrics, Foscari Fresco Wallpaper
Designers Guild Essentials: Anshu, Valloire, Lisbon, Porto
Christian Lacroix Maison: Paradis Barbares Fabrics, Paradis Barbares Wallpaper
Ralph Lauren: Signature Artisan Loft Fabrics, Signature Islesboro Wallpaper
John Derian By Designers Guild: Picture Book II Fabrics

Designers Guild: Le Poème De Fleurs Fabrics, Fitzrovia Fabrics, Scenes & Murals Wallpaper
Designers Guild Essentials: Matara II, Opera Easyclean, Canezza, Velluto
William Yeoward: Florian Fabrics

Tricia Guild's eighteenth book is published – 'In my View'

The Foscari Fresco wallpaper collection is awarded Elle Decoration Russia's Choice the Year 2019.

Designers Guild: Giardino Segreto Fabrics, Carlotta Voiles & Taffetas, Chareau Fabrics, Savoie Fabrics, Mandora Wallpaper
Designers Guild Essentials: Trentino FR, Trentino Stretto, Vicenza, Madrid, Brera Moda, Kumana, Lauziere
Christian Lacroix Maison: Histoires Naturelles Fabrics, Histoires Naturelles Wallpaper
John Derian By Designers Guild: Picture Book Prints, Picture Book Papers

Designers Guild: Jaipur Rose Fabrics, Chandigarh Fabrics, Zardozi Wallpaper, Zardozi Fabrics
Designers Guild Essentials: Calozzo, Birkett, Melton Wools
William Yeoward: Delcia Fabrics, Library III Fabrics

A dedicated wallpaper and paint studio opens between our existing Homestore and Showroom on King's Road, merging the three spaces together.

The first John Derian for Designers Guild collection launches.

Giardino Segreto wallpaper design is awarded Best Wallpaper by Homes & Gardens Fabric Awards (UK)

Designers Guild: Majolica Fabrics, Majolica Wallpaper, Murrine Fabrics, Palasari Outdoor Fabrics
Designers Guild Essentials: Brera Lino III, Matara, Mirissa, Ampara
Christian Lacroix Maison: Au Thèâtre Ce Soir Fabrics, Au Thèâtre Ce Soir Wallpaper

Designers Guild: Tulipa Stellata Fabrics, Tulipa Stellata Wallpapers, Casablanca Fabrics, Casablanca Textured Wallpapers, Bellavista Fabrics, Berwick Fabrics
Designers Guild Essentials: Varese II, Tammaro, Sesia, Keswick, Mineral Weaves, Contract Essentials II
William Yeoward: Pellenport Fabrics, Larkin Fabrics, William Yeoward Philippine Wallpapers

Tricia Guild's seventeenth book is published – 'Paint Box'

The launch of the online store in Australia

Tricia Guild awared Lifetime Achievement Award from the Design Center of the Americas

Designers Guild: Couture Rose Prints and Marquisette Wallpapers, Marquisette Fabrics, Colonnade Fabrics and Greycloth Fabrics
Designers Guild Essentials: Canvas, Rothesay, Conway, Riveau, Cassano
Christian Lacroix Maison: Incroyables et Merveilleuses Fabrics and Wallpapers

Designers Guild: Jardins Des Plantes Prints and Wallpapers, Parchment Wallpapers, Forsyth Fabrics, Majella Fabrics, Pavia Fabrics, Nevada Fabrics, Scala Fabrics, Trevellas fabric, Canzo Fabrics, Monza Fabrics
William Yeoward: Rufolo and Torca Fabrics

Opened a brand new showroom in the heart of the Paris Design District.

The launch of the online store in France.

The launch of the online store in Spain.

Designers Guild: Shanghai Garden Prints and Wallpapers, Aurelia Weaves and Mirafiori Silks
Designers Guild Essentials: Brera Rigato II, Manzoni, Tiber II
Christian Lacroix Maison: Nouvelles Mondes Prints, Weaves and Wallpapers, Atelier Carmargue

Designers Guild: Orangerie II Prints, The Edit... Patterned Wallcoverings Volume I and The Edit... Plain and Textured Wallcoverings Volume I

Designers Guild: Caprifoglio Prints and Wallpapers, Boratti Wallpapers, Pugin Weaves, Aalter, Portico Taffetas, Tweed FR Fabrics, Maggia Fabrics, Bilbao II Fabrics, Zaragoza Fabrics, Mavone Fabrics, Metallo Fabrics The Royal Collection: Buckingham Fabrics and Wallpapers, Palace Damasks William Yeoward: Indigo Blu Fabric|

May 2015 - The launch of a dramatic new floral collection with Italian tile brand Bisazza featuring three romantic, large scale designs adapted from Designers Guild's own hand painted floral patterns.

October 2015 - The DG online store launches in France

November 2015 - The first online furniture collection "The Bedroom Edit" is launched through the UK online shop.

Designers Guild: Kaori and Amlapura Prints, Savio Weaves, Moselle Vegetale Weaves, Surabaya Wallpapers, Saraille wide-width Linens
Designers Guild Essentials: Naturally V, Naturally VI, Brera Lino, Bolsena and Lucente FR
Christian Lacroix Maison: Belle Rives Fabrics, Wallpapers and Accessories

Designers Guild: Madhuri Prints, Borati Weaves, Indupala Silks, Amaya wide-width Linens, Sukumala non-woven Wallpaper, Palasini Vinyl Wallpaper
Designers Guild Essentials: Mesilla, Kalahari, Ishida, Satinato II, FR Aquarelle
The Royal Collection: St James's
William Yeoward: Marlena, Alberesque, Library Fabric Collection, Accessories

A brand new 80,000 sq ft logistics and distribution warehouse opens in West London.

An upgraded and highly functional website is launched.

A new paint range is launched with a collection of 154 colours.

Designers Guild exhibits for the first time at Design Junction, London.

Designers Guild: Seraphina Prints, Contarini Wallcoverings, Padua Weaves, Savine wide-width Linens and Canossa Trevira
Designers Guild Unlimited: Lavandou Prints
Designers Guild Essentials: Iona, Sloane & Cara
William Yeoward: Astasia Prints, Monsoreto Weaves, New accessories.
Christian Lacroix Maison: Carnets Andalous

Designers Guild: Astrkahan Prints and Silks, Alexandria Wallpapers, Savine Wallcoverings, Zambetti Weaves, Zetani Taffetas
Designers Guild Essentials: Morvern, Bressia, Cassia, Mezzola Alta

The launch of Designers Guild's Blog

Designers Guild is on Social Media through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Tricia Guild publishes her sixteenth book - 'Colour Deconstructed', in 9 languages.

The 'Savine' wallpaper design is awarded 'Best Wallpaper' by Homes & Gardens Fabric Awards, U.K.

Designers Guild: Kimono Blossom Prints, Kasuri Wallcoverings, Perreau Weaves and Mazan wide-width Linens
Designers Guild Unlimited: Country Prints, Havana Prints, Brera Wallcoverings and Fleuve Taffetas
Designers Guild Essentials: Brera Quadretto, Tickings, Salerno and Aviano
William Yeoward: Exmere, Manton, new accessories.
Christian Lacroix Maison: Air de Paris, Accessories
The Royal Collection: accessories added to the range for Spring 2012, including a special cushion to commemorate the Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

Designers Guild: Pavonia Prints and Castellani Wallcoverings, Castellani Weaves, Moselle Weaves, Designers Guild Essentials: Torgiano, Chinon, Sicilia and Arizona
The Royal Collection: Elizabeth

Five new Furniture Models launched: Ellipse, Button, Stitch, Flute and Harper.

Designers Guild for the Table launches with a collection of contemporary tableware all uniquely designed by Tricia Guild.

Christian Lacroix 'Vuelta' design from the 'Arles' collection is awarded 'Best Fabric' at the Elle Decoration International Design Awards (EDIDAs)

Designers Guild: Sofienberg Prints and Linneaus Wallcoverings, Borgholm Weaves, Trasimeno Weaves, Lauzon wide-width Sheers
Designers Guild Unlimited: Miami Prints, Deltona Weaves and Oxbridge Wallcoverings
Designers Guild Essentials: Brera Rigato, Allia, Salso, Piave and Mezzola (Relaunched with new Colourways)
Designers Guild Kids: Around the World
William Yeoward: Polperro
Christian Lacroix Maison: Arles

The iconic international luxury brand Christian Lacroix launches its first Collection for the Home under license to Designers Guild – 'Arles' Prints, Weaves and Accessories.

Launch of Howard Hodgkin Collection with four Designs and Accessories.

The Spin sofa and chair are added to Designers Guild's extensive furniture portfolio.

Designers Guild voted 'Best British Brand' for the second consecutive year by readers of Elle Decoration UK.

Designers Guild: Pavilion Prints, Nabucco Wallcoverings, Cassan Weaves, Nantucket Weaves, Barcelona Prints, Tiana Outdoor
Designers Guild Essentials: Brera Alta, Brera Lino, Kellas and Tiber. Nash Grasscloth Wallpapers, William Yeoward's Aranjasa

Designers Guild: Zephirine Prints, Zephirine Wallcoverings, Bernardini Weaves, Trevelyan Silks, Cecilia Trevira
Designers Guild Essentials: Moray Essentials, Brenan Essentials, Arno Essentials, Nabucco Essentials, Royal Collection Fabrics and Wallpapers 'Campanula'

New Furniture Models launched at Maison et Objet in Paris: The Julep, Cosmopolitan, Gibson, Soho and Brooklyn.

The first Homestore outside of the King's Road opens on Marylebone High Street in April 2010

Tricia Guild's fifteenth book is published – 'A Certain Style'

Designers Guild is awarded the accolade 'Best British Brand' by Elle Decoration U.K.

Designers Guild is awarded for the second year running 'Best British Brand' by Readers of Elle Decoration, U.K

Designers Guild: Whitewell Prints and Wallcoverings, Tsuga Wallcoverings, Adelphi Silks, Maitland Weaves, Manhattan Prints, Rinzu, new Orsetti Trimmings, Bilbao and Bassano Essentials. William Yeoward Aurelie. Darly Prints and Wallpapers, Roumier Weaves, Valadier Silks, Quinto Weaves

Designers Guild Essentials: Cali, Cascina, Black and White Essentials and Carlu Wallpapers
Designers Guild FR: Santiago
The Royal Collection: Savigny

The second Royal Collection Fabrics and Wallpapers Collection - 'Savigny'.

The launch of a new FR collection 'Santiago'.

The launch of Designers Guild Inc to handle the bed, bath and accessory division in the U.S.A.

The new USA online store launches, offering the full range of Designers Guild bedlinen and home accessories online throughout the U.S.A.

New Furniture models launched - the Orbit and Domino.

New larger three wick candle 'Darly' is added to the Fragrant Home range.

Designers Guild is awarded a place for the second year running in the PricewaterhouseCoopers Profit track 100, for Britain's fastest growing privately owned firms.

Portier wallpaper is awarded Best Wallpaper by the UK Homes & Gardens Fabric Awards.

Florimund Prints and Wallcoverings, Racine Velvets, Correze Sheers, Roquelaire Silks, Arzino Taffetas, Tsuga Essentials (new Colourways), Satinato Essentials, Primrose Hill Prints and Wallpapers, Orsetti Trimmings, William Yeoward Delacroix Collection

Arabella Prints and Wallcoverings, Monteverdi Velvets, Ariana Silks, Alisede wide-width Sheers, Ruggiero Plain Velvets, Chambord Silks, and Milano Trevira CS weaves which significantly expands the company's contract offerings

Giacosa candle launched.

The Royal Collection of fabrics and wallcoverings launches - produced and distributed worldwide on behalf of the British Royal Household and inspired by the Royal Palaces - copyrighted 'Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II'

International launch events take place for The Royal Collection - held at the Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace and the Ambassador's residence at the British Embassy, Paris

The launch of the brand new UK website and online bed and bath shop – the full Designers Guild lifestyle is available to buy online within the U.K.

The new Munich Showroom opens in the heart of the city.

Collaboration with Laduree Paris with three specially designed DG boxes for their famous macaroons.

Tricia Guild is awarded the O.B.E from the Queen for 'Services to Interior Design'

Designers Guild is awarded 22nd place in the Sunday Times PricewaterhouseCoopers Profit Track 100, of Britain's fastest growing privately owned firms.

Designers Guild is awarded the Microsoft prize for best use of technology.

Designers Guild: Oriental Garden prints and wallcoverings, Kibushi Weaves, Kashima

Designers Guild: Essentials: Shima, Hoxton, Rossano, Ribera, Ferrara Trevira CS Weaves, Kaya. Amalienborg Prints & Wallcoverings, Quarenghi weaves, Taillandier Silks, Kasimir Weaves, Mezzola/Mezzola Lusso Faux Suede, Brescia, Bamberg

Limited edition candles Peony and Limeflower, Capucheen and Guirlande.

The Paris showroom expands with a dedicated space for brands as well as Designers Guild collections.

The launch of the Milano Trevira CS weaves significantly expands the company’s contract offer.

The Festival and Hayward furniture models launched.

Tricia Guild's fourteenth book is published – 'Flowers'

The Homes & Gardens Classic Design Award - Lifetime Achievement is awarded to Tricia Guild

Gran Paradiso prints, Panama Wallcoverings, Arlanza weaves, Najasa wide-width Linens and Silks, Catalan, Portobello, Etoile, Conway and Brera II

Sarafan Prints and Wallcoverings, Coromandel Wallcoverings, Anastasia, Monplaisir Weaves, Mezzola Repino, Indian Summer Archive Collection, William Yeoward Ranakpur Collection

The creation of Designers Guild Essentials division comprising hundreds of plain and semi-plain fabric and wallpaper collections in a broad colour palette

Tricia Guild's thirteenth book is published – 'Pattern'

Cherry Orchard Fabric and Wallpaper, Cherry Orchard Braids, Merindol Weaves, Banon Printed Stripes, Mezzola Bellusco, Cabannes Outdoor

Samarkand Prints, Brocatelle Weaves, Bukhara Flock Prints, Ruzzini, Focsari Silks, Bukhara Flock Prints, Callian Fabrics and Wallpaper, Pallanza Textured Plains and Bukhara Wallpapers

New Fragrant Home products: Shanghai Rose and Summer Vine.

Mirabeau, Rousillon, Veran, Bokashi Outdoor, Hide&Seek, Companions, Chinon, Naturally, New Paint Collection, Rugs, Amaranth, Ombrione, Coromandel, Varese, Mezzola Twill and Tweed. Arezzo Wallpaper, Mantova, Mezzola Maggiore, Breganze

Fragrant Home collection launched with three scents: First flower, Green Fig and Waterleaf.

The launch of the first Designers Guild rug collection, which is added to each season with new designs

Tricia Guild's twelfth book is published – 'Private View'

Imari, Shibori Weaves, Masuda Weaves, Mezzola Stripe, China Rose, Saraceno, Shibori Wallpaper, Rosalina

The company moves to brand new purpose built Headquarters in London, W10.

Elle Decoration USA award the company with Elle Decoration Best Wallpaper.

Designers Guild: Cristobal Fabrics and Wallpapers, Habanera, Tejeda, Over the Moon, Inessa, Pavlovsk, Trezzini
William Yeoward: Sketchbook

William Yeoward Fabric & Wallpaper second collection Sketchbook.

Tricia Guild's eleventh book is published - 'Think Pink'.

Designers Guild is recognised with the Elle Decoration International Design Award for Best Fabric, Italy.

Designers Guild: Pontalba Fabrics and Wallpapers, Izapa, Estrêla, On Your Marks, Zandanechi Prints, Colour Book Wallpapers, Cozenza silks, Nurata weaves, New furniture designs launched, New carpets and tufted rugs, Tablelinen
William Yeoward: Notebook

The William Yeoward brand is added to the company’s portfolio with the 'Notebook' fabric collection

Two new mail order catalogues At Home and Designers Guild Kids.

La Désirade Fabrics and Wallpapers, Bindi, Cats Chorus, Mistral, Brera, Kepala Fabrics and Wallpapers, Makasar, Fiesole, Parioli, Serang

New Designers Guild luggage range launched.

New Carpet range launched.

Mail order catalogue At Home launched.

Emily Todhunter brand launched Tuileries Fabrics and Wallpapers.

Quanjin, Broadcloth, Kells, Passiflora, Kutru Trimmings, Peshkir, Canareggio, Batiste, Orani, Velluto, Veryan

Personal Organisers collection launched.

Tricia Guild's tenth book is published – 'White Hot'.

Tricia Guild is awarded an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Technology, from Loughborough University, U.K.

Tiddlywink, Damascena, Solferino, Manjeri, Bergamo, Candassa, Tassi, Tafta, Mandriola, Torridon

The launch of the first Designers Guild paint collection.

Tricia Guild's ninth book is published – 'Cut Flowers'

Salsa, Granita, Bakhia, Ottavia, Emerson, Arklow, Patadar, Allerby, Rajkot, Tamarind, Ashrafi,Nyamati, Jalaja

Tablelinen launched.

The Milan Office opens.

The company is awarded the Home Tex Design Award, U.S.A.

Isika, Hopscotch, Pushpa, Dalton, Marquetry II, Brera, Oola, Karahana, Artemisia, Palazzo, Ryoshi, Diagonale, Palatino, Borghese, Vercelli

A new 66,000 sq ft Production and Distribution Centre in West London opens.

The expansion of the flagship showrooms in London, which sell a total DG look with a Showroom devoted entirely to fabrics, wallcoverings, furniture & paint and the Homestore offering a dynamic and constantly changing range of essential items for the modern home from furniture, bedlinen and bath accessories to ceramics and kitchenware.

The licensing division has become a growing part of the business: varying from upholstered furniture, a range of bedlinen, towels, blankets, rugs, personal organisers, luggage, carpets, giftwrap and other paper products to an expanding collection of DG paint, all in perfect harmony with the fabric and wallpaper.

A softer more muted colour palette was introduced.

Tricia Guild's eighth book is published – 'Tricia Guild in Town'.

The company is awarded the Queen's Award for Export Achievement.

Mei P'ing, Milford, Tullow, Tirupati, Sakumari, Saffa, Kashipur, Orientalis, Jhati, Tianjun

The launch of the Bed & Bath Division with a range of bedlinen, blankets and towels.

Recognised with the award 'Excellence de la Maison' for bedlinen, by Marie Claire Maison Magazine, France.

Toy Box, Gouache, Phulkari, Sujani, Kaffe's Pots and new upholstery

Tricia Guild's seventh book is published – 'Tricia Guild's Painted Country'

Designers Guild is a winner of the European Community Design prize.

Santa Margherita, Mahé, Puntino, Kusumam, Jalapuri, Lalitha, Kalamkari

A new Head Office in Olaf Street, London opened.

The Paris Office and showroom opened.

Tricia Guild is awarded an Honorary Fellowship from the Royal College of Art, London, as well as an Honorary Master of Arts Degree from Winchester School of Art, U.K.

Still Life, The Melon Patch, Harvest, Orissa, Jalna, Japonica, Katibo, Tindall, Amhara

First Upholstery Collection launched.

Tricia Guild's sixth book is published – 'Tricia Guild on Colour'

The company is recognised and awarded with 'The Export Award for Smaller Businesses'

Mardi Gras, Marquetry, Abracadabra, Pergamena, Chazelles, Tarsus, Nantua, Cartiglio, Cushma Trimmings, Vinchina Cushions, Firefly

The first trimmings collection is launched with ‘Cushma’

The company is awarded the Queen's Award for Export Achievement.

Summer House, Passariano, Bokhara, Kashgar, Astrakhan

While the U.K. was in recession, Designers Guild focused on expanding overseas.

Tricia Guild's fifth book is published – 'New Soft Furnishings'

Designers Guild: Oriental Flowers, Impressions du Midi, Castellane, Il Veneto, Vicenza, Torcello
Designers Guild Kids: Merry-go-Round

The first Designers Guild office outside London opened in Munich.

The launch of the very first Designers Guild Kid's collection, one of the first companies to design a collection exclusively for children's rooms
- 'Merry-go-Round'

Tricia Guild's fourth book is published – 'Design a Garden'

Tricia Guild is awarded with the 'Textile Institute Gold Medal' for her outstanding contribution to International Textiles, U.K.

Maypole, Tapisserie, Tapestry Leaves, Cassia, Damas Fleuri, Filigrana

Tricia Guild's third book is published – 'Design and Detail'

Filigree, Spring Flower, Plains, Grandiflora, Gesso

Designers Guild: Wildflower, Howard Hodgkin, Ornamental Garden, Watergarden, Waterleaf
Howard Hodgkin: Large Flowers

Tricia Guild's brother Simon Jeffreys, who has a degree in Business Studies and Chartered Accountancy, joined the company in partnership with Tricia Guild as Chief Executive from the corporate finance division of international consultants Coopers and Lybrand (later PwC).

Tricia Guild worked with Howard Hodgkin on the celebrated enormous tulip fabrics 'Large Flowers'

Tricia Guild's second book is published – ‘Designing with Flowers'

Chintz Classics, Trees, Blossom, Gardenia, Textures, Flowers

Natural Classics, Anemone, Cotton Twist

Angles, Moonshine, Rough Diamond, Doubleglaze

Rags, Tatters

Tricia Guild's first book is published - 'Soft Furnishings'.

Mainstream, TGSF

Watercolour, Spatter

Tricia Guild started working with artists such as Kaffe Fassett, Lilian Delavoryas, Janice Tchalenko and others.

Bean, Daisy

Poppy Vase



The store on the King's Road opened with the first collection of fabrics, also selling ceramics & furniture.
It was more than just a store. It was an environment and a concept.

Tricia Guild founded Designers Guild, whilst searching for textiles to decorate with.

By recolouring a collection of Indian hand-blocked printed textiles, the first collection was born.

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Logistics Centre

William Yeoward is one of London's leading creative forces, with an international reputation as a style maker, retailer and designer of truly beautiful products for the home including furniture, crystal, lighting and accessories. He has designed fabric and wallpaper collections for Designers Guild since 1998, the most recent of which depict his enduring and obvious passion both for the quintessential British countryside and snapshots and inspirations from his addictive love of travel. His colour palette builds on his love of chic navy, denim and sky blue through to poppy red and flame and include rich damson, plum, and neutral tones too.

William Yeoward

For over five hundred years the Kings and Queens of England have collected art and objets d'art. Many of these items exist today as part of the Royal Collection and the Royal Archives. Some of these collections are held by the Sovereign in trust for the nation, whilst others are privately owned by the monarch.

Established in 1987, the Royal Collection Trust is a department of the Royal Household. It is responsible for the care of the Royal Collection. It is the only association run by the Royal Family for the Queen's official palaces and residences. Designers Guild is the exclusive licensee to the Royal Collection Trust for furnishing, fabrics and wall coverings worldwide, and was delighted to be appointed as the only official partner to the Royal Collection and the Royal Palaces in 2007.

For several years Designers Guild have been granted access to the extensive archive of historic fabrics, and we have also carefully studied the interiors of Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and St James's Palace. Tricia Guild and her design team have created cohesive collections of sophisticated fabrics that, whilst being classically inspired by the royal palaces, have a relevance to today's world and how we live.

The Royal Collection

For 30 years, Ralph Lauren has cultivated the American dream into a global lifestyle. Whether it is a reflection of the New England Coast, Native American culture, or Hollywood glamour, the world of Ralph Lauren embodies an expression of a timeless style that is both recognized and coveted. The collections feature the finest materials and highest quality, creating luxurious products. These all possess the timeless style and exceptional quality which Ralph Lauren has come to represent.

Ralph Lauren

In 2011 Designers Guild launched Christian Lacroix Maison - a superb range of fabric and wallpaper collections, as well as home accessories designed by the iconic fashion brand for Designers Guild. These collections celebrate the inspiration, rich heritage and the creative integrity so integral with the House of Lacroix brand. Whether inspired by the city of Arles, couture gowns or the Toreador, every fabric, wallpaper and accessory tells a unique story.

Christian Lacroix

John Derian Company Inc. was established in New York in 1989. Creating the most beautiful decoupage plates, platters, paperweights, coasters and bowls all handmade in John’s New York City studio, where a small staff of artisans assist with production. He is known the world over for his innovative and sensitive style which infuses his extraordinary objets d’art and stationery, lighting, furniture and other ephemera.

We are now delighted to announce the launch of fabrics, wallpapers and accessories that capture his inimitable style. A versatile collection that perfectly reflects Derian's extraordinarily beautiful aesthetic, with intricate botanical illustrations, romantic florals and vintage prints.

John Derian