Moodboard: Purple Amethyst

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Moodboard: Purple Amethyst

Being in the depths of Winter we turn to amethyst and crocus tones to brighten our days. Amethyst stone - known for its powers to soothe the mind and emotions it can also stimulate too, which is why it is a great hue to use in interiors.

Our Aubriet wallpaper design reveals layers of painterly rich aubergine hues to the softest violet, bringing a warm emphasis into the home. Add to that rich wool tweeds such as our Brecon nubbly tweed weave, with multicoloured yarn structure to give depth and character - works beautifully on upholstery as well as our Bentham tweed, which also has a multitude of tones within it - these fabrics are great at creating a variation of colour within a room.

Another addition is our Roxburgh geometric velvet - which evokes another dimension of texture to a room, finishing with our Majella silk for a pop of luxuriousness.

Amethyst is a great option to use in the home if wanting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

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