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Designers Guild
Designers Guild

Browse our huge array of inspiring brochures shot all around
the world.

  • Kaori Fabric and Wallpaper Spring Summer 2014

    Our Kaori collections embrace both a romantic, painterly floral look with a delicacy of touch, and a more graphic, cool and contemporary feeling perhaps suited to a more urban environment

  • Home Accessories
    Spring 2014

    We offer the complete lifestyle in one place. Exquisite cushions, luxurious blankets, throws and quilts, an ever expanding range of rugs, towels, and home fragrance all create your look.

  • Christian Lacroix Fabric and Wallpaper Spring Summer 2014

    Our Christian Lacroix collections take you on a voyage in space and time on the French Riviera, whilst adding rich tailored plains and textures to complement the extensive range.

  • Christian Lacroix Accessories
    Spring 2014

    Discover our range of Christian Lacroix home accessories. Exotic creations for your home, including striking contemporary rugs and remarkable cushion designs.

  • Rugs Spring 2014

    Our rugs continue to challenge convention, and excite the eye, and are designed for longevity, versatility, and to work in harmony with our full library of fabrics, wallcoverings, and home accessories.

  • Furniture

    Discover the complete Designers Guild furniture range. From reinvented vintage to modern minimalism, from full sofa suites to occasional chairs and footstools, there is a shape to suit any space.

  • Astrakhan Fabric and Wallpaper Autumn 2013

    Our Astrakhan collections take you on a journey through the influences along the ancient Silk Road, bringing the history to life with colour, layering, and dramatic mixed scales.

  • Seraphina Fabric and Wallpaper Spring 2013

    Our Seraphina collections reinvent the jazz age, with high Gatsby glamour, and muted peaceful elegance. Seductive, reflective and demure.

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